Online Game Rentals – Part 1

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Online game rental seems to make sense to many people, both consumers and the people who run game rental companies. While some companies are better than others, it seems they all have the same basic problems.

Problem number one is: it takes too long to ship games to customers. The other day I was on a games forum and I read the following quote:

“Company X is pretty good. Rental games for PSP, DS, XBox 360 and PS2. They have been quite responsive to customer service issues. The only problem I have with them is that sometimes it takes 5 days to get a new game after I send a game back. It is a good system for game demos, and if you like the game, you can click the “Keep it” button and they will send you the box and manual. Every now and then I will rent a movie for PSP for when I travel. Good stuff. ”

There are several comments similar to this. Some may be a little more passionate in their concerns, but they mostly share the same point. In this day and age of overnight deliveries to anywhere in the world, it seems a little crazy to wait 5 days for a small package to be shipped within the borders of the United States. All of the game rental companies I have checked use the United States Postal Service for the delivery of their games.

Now, just hold off all post office jokes for a minute;) I’m sure game rental companies only use them because they’re cheaper. No matter what they claim, their period is just cheaper. Well, why not give customers a choice. Let’s say, an optional plan where they guarantee overnight delivery for an extra X dollars. Maybe cut some sort of wholesale deal with FedEx or UPS. Maybe raise all of their rates a bit so everyone will have faster delivery.

I bet the number one reason customers drop their monthly game rental plans is they’re tired of waiting 5 or more days for their game to show up. Every successful business knows that it is much more expensive to get a new customer than to keep an old one. Maybe it’s time for the game rental guys to finally get together and get involved.UFABET 888