Online Games – Spanish Games Online?

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Playing online games in Spanish can be beneficial for both children and adults. There are numerous benefits to learning Spanish, such as improving test scores for children or job opportunities for adults. Online Spanish games provide one of the best ways to learn Spanish and the best part is that the best (and most profitable) games are completely free.

First I need to explain how the language is originally acquired. As a child, you learned your first language in about two years by simply immersing yourself in it. You heard it everywhere you went, and eventually your brain “solved the puzzle” and understood the language on its own. Learning your second language shouldn’t be any different!

I highly recommend starting with vocabulary games. I paid for a software program to do it for me because it’s a lot more fun, but you can make these games yourself using free online word lists. Simply find a way to score yourself or your kids based on how memorized Spanish words are. Try to beat your score every time you play.

One game I play with myself, and my son is playing now that he is learning Spanish, is to find a Spanish article (news, children’s stories, whatever) online and see how well I can translate it without errors. For example, I start with 100 points. If I mistranslate a word, I lose a point. If I leave a word blank without trying to translate it, I lose two points. And so on, and so on. This forces my brain to adapt and try to understand the meaning of the words.UFABET

I also find videos on YouTube and play the exact same game. I listen and try to translate what is happening. Again, I play this type of game with my son … and he usually beats me!

Find ways to immerse yourself in Spanish and have fun. This way you are not following a lesson plan, but learning a lot of language. These are some of my favorite online games in Spanish. Try them out – they work surprisingly well!